What Do Home Buyers Want

The National Association of Home Builders recently released results of a survey What Do Home Buyers Really Want. They wanted to find out how recent economic changes have affected what home buyers are seeking. The first finding was that over 90% of buyers are looking for energy efficiency, both in the home and the appliances.…

master bedroom

10 Tips for Home Staging a Romantic Master Bedroom

To paraphrase Tina Turner’s hit song, what’s love got to do with home staging? This Valentines day let me explain the power of love in home staging. Love is what makes staging work. As I said, love is what makes staging work it’s magic. You see, buying decisions are based on emotion. And, the more…

staging with yellow

11 Tips for Home Staging with Yellow

While watching Dr. Oz discussing the positive influence on mood made by the color yellow with Leslie Harrington from the Color Association of the United States, I began to think about the advantages of using yellow in home staging. After all, a color which puts buyers in a good mood couldn’t hurt! Color seems to…


Home Staging? Are We on the Same Page?

Are we on the same page about home staging? When I began home staging in Kingston, Ontario in 2006, I met many people who had no idea what the term home staging meant. Even if they had heard of home staging, they didn’t think it could be a business. What has changed? Seven years later,…

colour wheel

Let Sir Isaac Newton Help You Choose a Color Scheme

  Around 1666, Sir Isaac Newton used a prism to break light into a rainbow of colors. He proved that color comes from reflection of light, not from objects themselves. Newton’s conceptual diagram took a linear representation of the visible light spectrum and formed it into a color circle. His diagram showed the relationships between…

staged home

Living in Your Staged Home; 6 Tricks You Can Use

Living in a staged house is difficult! Your stager welcomes you home for the “reveal”. Your place is barely recognizable, open, airy, spacious, welcoming, and PRISTINE. But, soon you start to notice some clutter on the counter, shoes tossed by the door. How are you ever going to keep up the staged look?  Living things…