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Can You Stage Your Own House?

  Sure you can stage your own house, but should you? Since your first two weeks on the market is the most crucial, do it yourself staging is a gamble. Here are some things to think about before you try to stage your own home. 1. Know Your Target Buyers Home staging started as little…

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Staging a Home Looks Too Easy!

How hard is it to throw pillows on a sofa?” This was a real comment from an unnamed agent to their unappreciated stager. When you watch a skilled professional athlete or performer, they make their job look easy, don’t they. Perhaps professional stagers have also made their performance seem too easy to be fully appreciated.…

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Staging Helps Sell Homes; Here’s How

How Staging Helps Sell Homes Home staging is a marketing technique for selling property which puts the focus on potential buyers. Staging helps sell homes in two ways. First, staging generates more traffic. Second, staging encourages buyers’ emotional attachment. Generating traffic is important. More traffic means more and better offers. If nobody comes to see the…

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Stage, List, Sell: In the Right Order

Stage, list, sell. These three steps should always go together in this exact order. Stage first. Shortcuts are a mistake and will lead to less than optimum results. Staging should always come first. Appraisers and real estate agents are human too. Their impression of your home if they see it before you stage it could lead to underestimating its…

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Green Tips: Instant Composting

As the leaders of the world meet at the United Nations to save our planet, I have been inspired to find some useful Green Tips. I picked up a book at Value Village “The Canadian Green Consumer Guide.” Flipping to the gardening chapter, I noticed this recipe for instant compost or plant food from Mary Perlmutter…


Stay Safe When Selling Home

  On staging consultations, I constantly repeat three tips, to help homeowners stay safe when selling homes. These are as much for safety as for selling. 1. Put away the block of knives on your kitchen counter. They could become weapons. 2. Remove anything which may help predators recognize your children, including signed drawings, and…

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Impact of Home Staging? Study Misses the Point

Study Evaluates Impact of Home Staging on Price On December 26, 2013, a 2012 academic study which included evaluation of the impact of home staging on price was reviewed by the Wall Street Journal with the headline “Home Staging Effect? Not Much. A recent study finds that home-staging services affect a home’s sale price less…