Rearrangements Is a Kingston Home Staging Company

We offer more than you would expect of a Kingston home staging company.

Over your lifetime, we will help you get more out of every home you will own.

We make homes:

  • Easier to buy
  • Easier to sell
  • More profitable as an investment
  • More functional for your changing needs
  • Easier to transition between.

How Can a Kingston Home Staging Company Do All That?

  • When you are shopping for a home to buy or rent, you may encounter one of the homes or model apartments we have staged. Our staging will make it easier to tell if the home has potential to fit your lifestyle.
  • When it is time to sell we can help you through the staging process so that your home is properly positioned to sell faster and for more. Our process will put real money back in your pocket.
  • As you go through life you will experience special events and changing lifestyles. We can rearrange your home for an event like a wedding, or reorganize a room for better access if you have mobility issues. Or we can help you freshen up your decor just to give your spirits a lift.
  • When you move from one home to the next, we can even help you make the transition more easily with our move coordination services. Move management for Seniors is a very important service we provide for Seniors who are in need of extra help to make the change and get comfortably settled into a new home.

About Our Company

Who Are We?

We are a Kingston home staging company called Rearrangements. We began as a sole proprietorship in Kingston, ON, in 2006. We started with staging and redesign for occupied homes, adding color consultations and curb appeal consultations.

In 2012 we became incorporated as Rearrangements Home Staging Ltd. By then we had accumulated a small inventory of rental items to stage vacant homes.

In 2016, we formalized our provision of move coordination services under the trade name Rearrangements Relocations. We qualified as Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists®.

As a Kingston home staging company with a move coordination service, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients with the relationships they have with their homes at every stage of life.

What is Home Staging

Staging is preparing a home for sale by ensuring it will appeal to those most likely to buy. The purpose of real estate staging is to increase the number of viewings, speed the sale and improve the selling price. It is a marketing technique. Although our stagers employ principles of design, it is different from interior design or interior decorating.

There are 3 phases to home staging:

  • Plan – A professional consultation with one of our stagers helps you see your home as buyers will and plan the best use of your time and money.
  • Prepare – Repairs, deferred maintenance and crucial updates are carried out to make the home competitive in its market.
  • Showcase – Stagers strategically arrange furniture and accessories to make the home most appealing to target buyers, both in photos and in person. Professional stagers highlight the selling features and provide emotional triggers using their knowledge of design principles.

Stagers’ work compliments that of your photographer and your real estate agent to take the marketing of your home to a higher level. Today’s staging goes far beyond de-cluttering or baking cookies for the open house.

What are Senior Relocation & Transition Services

Sometimes called Move Management for Seniors, these services are a special array of services which, used together, can completely handle every aspect of downsizing, moving and setting up your new home. We are specially trained in providing this service for older adults. Their needs and concerns are often a little different, and the stress of a move can be harder to handle with age.

The Main Relocation & Transition Services are:

  • Plan – Scheduling a Moving Timetable and making a Floor Plan with furniture placement prevents chaos and avoids the expense of moving items which won’t fit.
  • Sort & Tag – We work alongside our clients to help them decide what they will take to the new home and what to do with the rest. Then we help with the dispersal of the unwanted items.
  • Pack – As items are sorted, they can be packed up for the move, or we can arrange to have the movers pack.
  • Supervise on Move Day – We make sure belongings are loaded in the right order and are properly placed in the new home.
  • Set Up – We unpack and ensure items are placed properly. If clients have some memory loss or dementia, it could be crucial to maintain an identical placement to their former home. For everyone, familiarity will speed the adjustment to new surroundings.
  • Coordinate All Required Services – Whether you need to book a charity donation pickup, hire movers, find a real estate agent or get your home cleaned and painted, we will help by finding providers and supervising their work for you.

These services can be used separately, or the senior specialist can provide all of them.


What We Believe

When a home is staged before a real estate transaction, it makes everyone involved a winner. The seller gains a faster sale and a substantial return on his investment. The agent who promotes staging stands to gain satisfied selling clients and a reputation for having top notch listings. The agent who shows staged listings knows he is not wasting his buyers’ time. And, when buyers view a staged property, they get a clear illustration of its potential liveability. Of course, stagers win too because we get paid to pursue our passion.

Showcasing a properly prepared home is not just smoke and mirrors or trickery. We do not believe in using showcasing to deceive buyers or conceal serious problems. There is science behind showcasing, just like any other marketing technique. There’s an emotional component to every buying decision. Showcasing makes houses look and feel like home to the type of people who are likely buyers. This helps them make an emotional connection and moves them to buy.

It’s important to prioritize staging recommendations so you’ll get the best return on investment. Low cost, high return changes are most important. When you are investing before a sale, you need to stick to a budget to maximize profits. We don’t believe in overselling you on services you don’t need.

Since a faster sale is the top reason for staging, the staging process must also work within the available time frame. It must not unnecessarily delay the marketing. Budget and time constraints should go hand in hand when deciding on a staging strategy.

Staging for Relocation & Transition Clients

We believe, where possible, moving first and selling the former home later is the best plan. This minimizes the extra stress of living in a home while it is being updated and changed to suit new buyers.

But, we realize that it is not always possible to move until a sale is secured. The lifestyle of our clients comes first. Depending on their situation, we may not recommend changes to furniture placement or suggest they endure the mess and stress of updating projects such as wallpaper removal.

We will adapt the preparation of the home for marketing to accommodate the client’s needs. It might have to be dialed back to cleaning and de-cluttering.

What Makes Us Different

We combine senior move management, residential renovation project management and staging expertise, We can manage all the aspects of your move for you. We really shine when it comes to the planning and coordination it takes to get your current home ready for showings and to get you comfortably set up in your new home.

We love our work, but it is not a hobby. We are professionals. We maintain memberships in industry professional and self-regulatory bodies. We carry appropriate liability insurance for home staging and seniors relocation and transitions work. For this reason, we may not always be the cheapest but we always strive to be the best value.

As a Kingston home staging company and move management company we follow a codes of ethics and honest business practices. We are respectful and trustworthy and strive to deliver what we promise.

We use fixed rate pricing wherever possible, so you’ll know your total investment before work begins. For activities which are conducted at the client’s pace such as sorting belongings for a downsizing, we use a competitive hourly rate.

We are committed to continuous improvement, learning and research so we can provide you the most up to date and best possible services, advice and products.

We were voted one of the RESA 2015 Top Ten Professional Home Stagers of the Year, Occupied Category, Canada by our peers in the Real Estate Staging Association.

Our Founder’s Story: Why I Started a Kingston Home Staging Company by Martha Stanton-Smith

Over the years I bought and sold ten homes. By the third sale in the mid 80’s, I began taking notice of the easy and inexpensive things I could do to make my homes show better. By the late 90’s, I was retiring from The City of Winnipeg and looking for an interesting second career. TV shows like The House Doctor had begun to spark my interest in pofessional staging.

In 2005, I volunteered as a Residential Renorvation Project Manager as I helped my son renovate a series of investment properties while he was still attending St. Lawrence College. When the first renovation was done, I persuaded him to help me haul in a few items to showcase his rental condominium for prospective tenants. These simple additions made renting for top dollar a cinch.

When it was time to sell that property, we staged it again, even doing a few more updates before showcasing. It sold quickly in spite of stiff competition from ten identical units in the same building which were offered at lower prices. That was when our real estate agent encouraged me to offer my staging services to the public.

I was hooked on staging and wanted to share its magic with other sellers. In March 2006, I took a giant leap of faith into entrepreneurship in a fledgling industry with a market where people didn’t even know what ‘home staging’ meant. I started the Kingston home staging company which is now Rearrangements Home Staging Ltd.

My first formal training was an online staging and re-design course. The name Rearrangements came from the idea of rearranging what homeowners already had for a new and improved look. A few months later, I became a Canadian Certified Staging Professional©. Their program and industry connections boosted my skills and confidence and continues to do so today. It has also been through CSP© that I have found the best stagers to join our team as the business grows.

In 2016 we celebrated 10 years in business. I am blessed to have a great team of professionals working with me and many delightful clients who have made it all possible.