Vacant home staging packages keep things simple.

You don’t have to wait for us to visit the property and get back to you with custom quote.

These packages are based on a certain amount of furniture and decor for a minimum rental term. Then we add the typical labour required to get it to the home, set-up and removed later.

They represent 3 different levels of staging, varying in two ways.

  1. Number of spaces (rooms) staged
  2. Amount of furniture and accessories provided

The Basic Package provides for the basics to show what the room is and give one focal point. The Gold Standard not only provides enough to stage additional rooms, but also allows for them to be more fully and luxuriously furnished, for example, providing dressers for the master bedroom and extra artwork and accessories.

Note: If you are going to have a virtual tour created, you will need at least the Focus Rooms package, because you need to have something of interest on all 4 sides of the room for a good virtual tour.

After you purchase the package, we visit your property to take before pictures and get a contract signed. Then we begin planning and assembling the items for your job. Even though it is a package price, we still hand pick what will work best in each specific property.


These packages include all costs for a 2 month term, before HST for installation within Kingston, ON city limits. Outside Kingston, extra charges may apply for movers and travel time. These offers are also subject to availability.

Consider the 2 month term as insurance. Even if a home sells very quickly, it is unusual for all conditions to be cleared within the first month. If we have notice 10 working days before the beginning of the second month and the staging is removed in good condition before the beginning of that second month, then we will refund an amount equal to 90% of the “renewal fee” shown for each package.

If you need a 3rd month, the charge will be the amount shown as “renewal fee” for the package. We will send you an invoice which must be paid in advance of each subsequent monthly rental period.


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Further Details

Luxury Staging

‘Luxury’ showcasing is a must for high end properties, those priced over $750,000. We take special care to select the best quality furnishings and accessories available to us. Showcasing services can be provided for all areas of the property, as required. For example we may be asked to showcase walk in closets, or libraries which are labour intensive. We can also stage outdoor living areas, decks, verandas and patios and can add plantings to enhance curb appeal. We can source original artwork from local galleries. Live plants with maintenance can be provided instead of silks, if desired. This type of showcasing requires additional lead time, a larger investment, longer minimum rental contracts and for these reasons is priced by quotation only.

Model Home Staging

In the case of model homes or suites where the staging items will be used for 6 months or more, we recommend the property owner purchase the staging items because it is generally more economical. We can offer to buy back the items at the end of your contract. We can give you prices on moving the staging items from one home to the next in a development. And we can provide an option for periodic re-set of the staging as things may get moved out of place over time.

On the other hand if you need shorter term staging such as for a TV show or a photo shoot, we can provide a quote on that too.