Project Management & Related Services

We offer project management services for the repairs and minor updates you may need to do to get your home ready for sale.

Here is how it works.

After a consultation we get your agreement on what needs to be done and what the budget is. Then we get some prices from qualified trades people. You will personally enter into the agreement with the successful trades and will eventually pay their bills directly – no markup from us.

We will make sure the service providers have access, are properly instructed on the details of what you want and have a contact number with us in case they have questions or problems. We advocate on your behalf and monitor periodically to ensure they are doing the work properly as contracted. We will keep you updated on progress. If there is a substantial change needed, we will contact you to approve a change order for them.

This works very well whether you just have to be at work, or need to be out of the country. Or you might be here, but are not eager to deal directly with your renovators. We bill you for our time and do not receive any kickbacks from the service providers.

Here is why you should not ignore this second phase of preparing your home for sale.

If you think it will take too much time, effort and money to get your house in shape, the buyers will likely think so too. For every dollar’s worth of work you defer, the buyer will reduce his offer by about $3. If you have the work done yourself, expenditures are within your control. If you don’t invest a little up front, it will cost you 3 times as much in lower offers.

A study by Maritz Research showed that 63% of buyers are willing to pay more to buy a house that doesn’t need any work. Busy buyers want move-in ready homes. More than half of them will tend to pass by your house if it looks like it needs work and go on to the competition. This means it will take longer for you to sell.

A number of modestly priced improvements can have a very high return and make a very positive impact on the perceived value and desirability of your house. HomeGain’s 2012 Home Improvement survey of 500 real estate agents showed that modest investments in home staging of approximately $724 produced an estimated increase in selling price of $2,145. That is 196% return on investment for staging services.

Besides managing your service providers, we can also shop for materials and fixtures you need. We can even help you get organized and packed for your move.

Residential Renovation Project Management

home staging services

Our home staging services include project management for your minor renovation projects. When you don’t have the time or desire to handle all the details, we can oversee the entire preparation of your home for the market. We can refer you to reliable services and suppliers, pass along some professional discounts on paint, etc.

Shopping Service

Since certain items put into a home for staging purposes cannot be obtained on a rental basis, we offer a shopping service. For example, fixtures which are installed would be sold with the house and bedding or soft goods cannot be rented for an occupied home where they might be used and not kept for display only. Our home staging services include a shopping service for any items that we recommend you purchase. This will come in handy if you don’t have time or dislike shopping. We charge an hourly fee for this service.

Move Coordination

home staging services CRTS Certified Relocation & Transition Specialist

If you are selling your home, you probably will be moving. Perhaps you could use some help with getting all the details of a relocation handled efficiently. We specialize in relocation and transitions for seniors, but the service is available to anyone who needs it.

  • move plans and timelines
  • floor plans – furniture placement for new home
  • help with sorting – keep, sell, give, dispose
  • help with dispersal of unwanted items
  • referrals to reliable service providers
  • overseeing movers on move day
  • unpack and remove packing materials
  • set up your new home

If you are a senior who is interested in the service, you will find a lot of useful information on our associated site: