Home Staging Services

Showcasing homes for sale is the third step of the Real Estate Staging process. Professional showcasing increases your home’s perceived value and ensures buyers notice its selling features. Buying decisions are based on emotion, our showcasing includes details to trigger the right feelings. With 90% of home buyers searching online, our photogenic showcasing is the key to more showings, resulting in a faster sale.

The showcasing home staging services include precise positioning of furniture and accessory pieces for the following purposes:

  • Drawing viewers eyes away from flaws and highlighting selling features
  • Creating sight lines which draw the viewer through the home and into various rooms
  • Defining purpose of rooms
  • Illustrating furniture placement and live-ability of spaces
  • Maximizing flow and continuity to make the home seem more spacious and cohesive
  • Maximizing the feeling of spaciousness and calm
  • Creating feelings, promoting emotional connections
  • Selling lifestyle
  • Creating memory hooks
  • Making the room photogenic

Our showcasing home staging services are like packaging for the home. Or, you might say the professional showcasing is like icing on a birthday cake. Cake is good, but the icing makes it special.

Vacant Home Staging

It has been proven that vacant, empty homes do not sell as well as furnished homes. We can provide home staging services and rental furnishings to stage a wide variety of homes.

If your vacant home is ‘like new’, there is no need to start with a consultation. We have 3 popular packages which suit most homes. Plus we have Luxury and Long Term options available. Choose a package and contact us to get started.

Occupied Home Staging

If your home is still furnished or partly furnished, you need our Occupied Home Staging services.

Choose a half day or full day. These include a stager and an assistant for 3.5 hour or 7 hours respectively.

These include Bonus 1 hour pre-staging consultation. This is best done at least a day or two ahead of staging day, preferably longer.

To give you an idea of how much time is needed:

With 2 people, main rooms e.g. a living room or family room, usually take an hour or more. Bedrooms take half an hour to 45 minutes for a large master. Dining rooms and eat in kitchens take about half an hour and bathrooms about 1/4 hour. Closets and bookshelves can take an hour or more each. You may decide to handle them yourself. These estimates are based on starting with a very clean and tidy home with extra pieces removed already as would have been recommended in the pre-staging consultation. Also, allow about 10% of our time for shopping the home to find the best choices for bedding, artwork and accessories from what you have on hand.

We try to work as much as possible with the things you already have. If you are missing key pieces, or have de-personalized until the home looks bare, we can provide a quotation on rentals to supplement what you have. We will discuss this at our pre-staging consultation.

$499 OR $899

1/2 Day OR Full Day

Each include a 1 hr. Walk & Talk pre-staging consultation.

Room Set-Up

We have taken our home staging services and transferred the skills into rearranging rooms even when you are not selling. We can arrange furniture and accessories and hang your art. We can also unpack your boxes after a move.

Here are some ways you might use this service:

  • setting up a new home after a move
  • solving challenging furniture placement issues
  • re-purposing rooms for special occasions
  • setting up a main floor bedroom for someone who can’t climb stairs
  • creating a new look with your existing things, aka Makeover in a Day.