Home Staging Consultations

Home Staging Consultations are the first step in preparing a home for sale. We’ve all learned to ignore some things in our homes. When potential buyers tour, they won’t miss these details. Our home staging consultations alert you to buyer turn-offs. We identify what your target buyers want, and how you can give your home the right look and feel for today’s real estate market. Our consultations give you an effective plan to prepare your home to sell faster, with higher returns, and less stress.

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Walk & Talk

For occupied homes, this verbal consultation is the most popular option. Our visit usually lasts from 1 to 1 1/2 hours. We give you priorities for immediate action as well as recommendations which would be ideal to follow up. We answer questions and explain why. Home owners are encouraged to take their own notes.


up to 1.5 hr

plus HST

CSP® Elite Consultation

home staging services

1-2 hour in-home staging consultation using the CSP® process & 50+ page Room Ready Handbook. See your home through buyers eyes. You are left with prioritized best ways to help your home sell faster, for more.

Bonus 500 Aeroplan Miles


up to 2 hr

plus HST

Room Ready Handbook

Staging Prep Action Plan

This consultation is the best option for homes which are expected to require more extensive repairs or updates before showcasing. A follow up written report provides a written plan which can be used to guide a D.I.Y. staging project or may be the preliminary consultation for our project management services. Typically we might take a couple of hours in the home and several more hours to research and present our recommendations in written format. Report may also include

  • Colour suggestions
  • Recommended products
  • Recommended sources, suppliers
  • Room floor plans or sketches to illustrate changes


plus HST

Custom Report

Interior Paint Colors

home staging services

Let us help you select interior or exterior paint colors for selling or for dwelling.

We charge $75 per hour for this service with a one hour minimum.

Ask us to pass on our discounts from several local paint stores.


1 hour minimum

plus HST

Curb Appeal

While all our pre-staging consultations consider the basics of curb appeal, our in depth ‘Curb Appeal Consultation’ is best when there are adequate time and resources to implement the recommendations. This consultation is also perfect for home owners who are not planning to sell right away. By elevating your property’s curb appeal, you are increasing its value, enhancing the neighbourhood and creating a sense of pride and enjoyment for yourself. When time does arrive for selling, photogenic curb appeal is on display 24/7 and can impact your sale more than even the most powerful interior staging.

  • Architectural Details – Details should be in keeping with the architectural cues of the house
  • Scale – Increasing the perceived scale (size) of a home adds to its perceived value
  • Trends – When complimentary to the architecture, incorporating trends can increase the perception of a well-maintained, up-dated and valuable property
  • Exterior Colour Selection – When suitable to architectural style, correct use of colours can create balance, update appearance and add to perceived value
  • Balance – If the visual weight of elements is off balance it can create an unsettling effect in photos
  • Cohesion – The repetition of elements creates pleasing visual harmony
  • Slope – Sloping property can make a house look unstable if not compensated for in plantings and other elements
  • Walk Path Visibility – This is crucial to making the home feel inviting and appealing
  • Destination Area – A welcoming point of interest such as furniture on a porch draws the viewer into the property
  • Impact Zones – Areas of interest leading to the front door are particularly important if the home is far from the street or the door is not visible
  • Lighting – Both the fixtures on the home and lighting in the landscaping add to curb appeal and the perception of safety
  • Assessment of issues and recommendations for improvements
  • Sourcing information as required
  • One exterior colour scheme with paint colour numbers, sheen and product recommendations (alternate schemes can be added at additional cost)
  • A digitally altered photo to illustrate placement of colours
  • Landscaping plan and plant list for front yard (side and rear may be added at additional cost)
  • Two 15 minute follow up phone calls

Show & Tell Consultation

This collaborative style consultation works best for occupied homes where the home is already in great condition. In a visit lasting up to 3 hours, our stager will first assess the priorities and then begin to demonstrate how to do your showcasing. The home owner is expected to provide ‘manpower’ to work with the stager. You may be moving furniture! In the process, our stager will also explain why things are being rearranged or removed. The goal is to leave you with at least 2 key rooms staged and clear instructions on how to complete the rest. Our stager may also recommend additional repairs or updates if appropriate. The home owner is requested to take their own notes.