staged apartment

Photo Styling

Albert Terrace Town Homes in Kingston, Ontario: With assistance from a dedicated crew of designers, decorators, stagers and assistants, Rearrangements home staging managed a photo shoot project for Varsity Properties’ in their new high end rental units for students. The challenge was to put together three different looks with the same all white IKEA furniture,…

Organizing for a move

Organizing for a Move, 7 Tips to Get You Started

Young or old, downsizing or moving up, your need to get organized is seldom more urgent that when “moving house” approaches. The amount to be accomplished seems daunting. As well, it often is required a time when you have many other things on your mind. Here is how to break getting organized for a move into manageable steps.

messy garage

Off Site Storage – 7 Things to Consider

When your Realtor or Home Stager advises you to start pre-packing and moving out excess furnishings, avoid simply sticking things in your garage or basement. Off-site storage is preferable for selling. Here are seven things to consider as you start looking for a storage provider.