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Storing Cleaning Supplies When Selling Your Home

  When you are selling your home, you will need your cleaning supplies handy for quick touch ups. Prepare a portable caddy with only your favourite cleaning basics. You don’t want to make potential buyers think of house cleaning when they see your cleansers, so when your work is done store your caddy out of…

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Staged Homes Mean MONEY

  M is for move in ready. Today’s buyers are busy people. They are looking for homes where they can move in on Saturday, unpack on Sunday and head back to work on Monday. A Maritz research study found that 63% of buyers would be willing to pay a premium price for a move in…

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The Fresh Smell of Citrus Helps Sell Your Home

Use Fresh Smell of Citrus In previous posts I have mentioned the importance of neutralizing unpleasant smells when your home is listed for sale. Although there are many commercial products for cleaning and deodorizing, you always run the risk of using something which will be too harsh, too flowery or will cause allergic reactions. Simple…


Defining Rooms in Home Staging

An important part of staging homes to sell is arranging furniture to show how rooms will be used by typical buyers. Nine out of ten people can’t accurately envision what isn’t there, including how vacant home will look after furniture is added. When you visit a vacant home, you get clues to the use of…

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Comparing Apples to . . . Houses

A home is a much more important purchase than a few apples, but the home buying process isn’t all that different. When buyers shop for apples,  they first search for available choices with the charcteristics they want.  If they want to make apple pie, they might decide to look for Granny Smiths. When they find…