good staging

Good Staging; What Is It?

  Good staging is part of the marketing process that puts a SOLD sign in front of your house! Home staging is preparing a house for the market. It makes it more attractive to the target buyers than its competition; as a result it sells faster and for a higher price. Compare good staging to…

real estate staging association

RESA® Demystifies Staging Designations

The Real Estate Staging Association® (RESA®) website article entitled “Designations, Certifications and Accreditation. What does it all mean for the home staging and redesign industry?” One of my fellow stagers, Jennifer Putman-Macleod, of Belleville, ON asked me: “What does this RESA® article mean for us in Canada? Or with the CSP® label!” Such an excellent…


Buyers & Sellers Real Estate Markets

Perhaps you’ve heard the terms Buyers Market, Sellers Market and Balanced Market. A general definition is that a buyer’s market has ample supply so that the buyer has the advantage. The Seller’s Market is where there is little supply giving Sellers an advantage. When it comes to real estate, the supply is measured as either…


Interviewing Real Estate Agents? Ask These Questions

Selling your home is a business transaction. Treat it that way. Don’t hire a real estate agent just because they are a relative or a friend of a friend. The relationship can get them on your short list, but don’t by-pass the interviewing process. I suggest interviewing three to five agents from different companies. Be…

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How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent

When you are about to sell your home, possibly your largest single asset, you should be sure to find a good real estate agent. Before we get into how you should go about finding that good real estate agent, here are a few helpful definitions and links. The term REALTOR® is a trademark identifying real…

Curb appeal after

Tips for Photogenic Curb Appeal

  Curb appeal is on display to the public 24/7. In preparing your home for sale, never underestimate its importance. Stagers typically pay much attention to the details on the inside of homes, but curb appeal on the outside makes an even greater impact on the sale. A picture of the home’s front exterior is…