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Business Questions . . .

Service area:

We offer services in Kingston and surrounding region, specifically the boundaries of the Kingston and Area Real Estate Association. We will go approximately 1 hour drive out of Kingston, but in some cases extra charges will apply for our movers.

We also have a network of colleagues who will be pleased to work with you in many locations all across Canada.

Business Hours:

Office hours are Monday to Saturday,  9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Consultations can be done on weekday evenings or weekends.

Contact Info

We offer Aeroplan points. Details here.

Accepted forms of payment:

Credit cards – mastercard, visa, american express

Interac bank transfers to

Cash or cheque for amounts under $1000.

When are payments due?

All payments are due in advance of the commencement of work or rental periods, unless the invoice states otherwise. Note that for vacant staging the payments are due at least 5 business days before staging day because there is work to be done and bookings made prior to staging day.

If we mess up, please let us know right away by calling Martha at 613-539-3233 or emailing We want a chance to make it right and hope you will tell us even if you are just a little unhappy.

Creative Control

What if I don’t like the staging?

Since your buyers are likely to be very different from you and that’s why we are staging, you might NOT like what we do. The point is whether potential buyers will like it. We have a clause in our contract that stipulates we retain creative control

However if you are receiving bona-fide, documented feedback from viewers that some things we have done in the staging are hurting your sale, we will adjust that aspect to rectify the situation at no additional labour cost.

We need 10 working days advance notie to be sure we can schedule de-staging.

As soon as you accept an offer, please phone 613-539-3233 to let us know what date any conditions should be cleared and what date possession is to be. We will tentatively book de-staging until you confirm that conditions are cleared and your sale is firm. We must de-stage before the new owner takes possession or you will be liable for the staging items.

Our packages for vacant staging are for two month minimum terms. In some cases we may require 3 month terms on items which we must rent through third party suppliers. In other cases, we may have some flexibility to go to 1 month terms.

We do not rent bedding, mattresses, or soft goods or to occupied homes. We will consider renting upholstered furniture to non-smoking, no pet homes, on a case-by-case basis.

All items rented, whether to vacant or occupied homes, are for display purposes only and not for use. If you have a washroom which is likely to be used, we suggest you provide paper towels.

The client pays sub-contractors directly for any services which are not included in our package prices or custom quotations. This generally includes all the painters, plumbers, electricians, cleaners, landscapers etc. used in the preparation phase. It does not include any stagers who we may hire on a sub-contractor basis from time to time.

What . . .

Home staging is the process of getting a home ready to sell so that it will appeal to the most likely buyers and therefore sell quickly and for the best possible price.

The difference is that interior decorating customizes the home for the present occupant, while home staging neutralizes the home to provide a blank canvas for a number of potential buyers who fit the target buyer profile.

Another important difference is that home staging always has the constraints of time and budget within which it is feasible for the staging to provide a positive return. Whereas, interior decorating is only limited by how much money and how much time the client would like to spend.

Who . . .

Every home can at least use a staging consultation. This provides an objective look from the buyer’s point of view. Sometimes that is difficult to do for yourself.

The only time staging is completely un-required is when the seller is determined not to have even the smallest changes made.

Yes, you can do it yourself. To increase the chances that your DIY staging will be effective, we recommend a Consultation with a Professional. The insight and tips they provide are very helpful for most people.

When . . .

Even if your sale is a couple of years down the road, a consultation will be helpful. We can provide a long term plan for improvements which can be enjoyed now and still retain their value at sale time.

If the sale is a few months away, that’s perfect. We can help you plan and co-ordinate the help you’ll need to give your home a cost effective freshen-up for the market.

If you are getting down to the wire with an open house date looming, we can come in to help with a last push. We will do the best presentation possible within your time frame.

Until the property sells, it’s not too late for staging. Although the best results from staging are obtained when the home is staged before showing, studies have shown that homes which languished on the market had their sales sped up considerably after staging.

If your home has been on the market for so long that all interest seems to have waned, a real estate professional may advise you to take it off the market for a month or so and then try again later. That would be an ideal opportunity to complete any of the messier work. When it has been staged and comes back on the market, it will show up as a new listing. It will truly be a new and exciting product and the new marketing materials can capitalize on the improved presentation.

Why . . .

If you think it will take too much time, effort and money to get your house in shape, the buyers will likely think so too. For every dollar’s worth of work you defer, the buyer will reduce his offer by about $3. If you have the work done yourself, expenditures are within your control. If you don’t invest a little up front, it will cost you 3 times as much in lower offers.

A study by Maritz Research showed that 63% of buyers are willing to pay more to buy a house that doesn’t need any work. Busy buyers want move-in ready homes. More than half of them will tend to pass by your house if it looks like it needs work and go on to the competition. This means it will take longer for you to sell.

A number of modestly priced improvements can have a very high return and make a very positive impact on the perceived value and desirability of your house. HomeGain’s 2012 Home Improvement survey of 500 real estate agents showed that modest investments in home staging of approximately $724 produced an estimated increase in selling price of $2,145. That is 196% return on investment for staging services.

How . . .

The purpose of staging is to bring a positive return. At the least it should help sell your home faster, saving you holding costs. At best it can bring a return of many times what you put in.

As a rule of thumb, the investment in preparing your home for sale should be somewhere between 1-3% of your asking price. Out of that, the consultation and showcasing services would be from 0.5% to 1.5% of asking price.

There is some lead time to get a booking. For vacant showcasing there is a about 2-3 weeks lead time to book furniture and movers. Once everything is delivered, the actual showcasing on most houses is done in under a day.

Other . . .

Our first advice is to study the market in your desired service area. How many homes are listed per year? Only a fraction of these will consider staging. How many other stagers are serving the same market – your competition. Don’t forget these will include part time stagers who don’t advertise much and agents who stage their own listings. Is there enough potential business for you to make what you need?

Our second piece of advice is to seriously consider taking staging specific training. The Real Estate Staging Association® has accredited training courses listed on their website.

We are fine with answering your questions about staging. Email us.

As a rule we do not allow job shadowing.

We are members of the CSP® Mentoring program, so we will mentor new CSP® graduates and invite them on jobs if they are insured.

Currently we are not hiring stagers.

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